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Foreign Tourist (5 Hours Package)



Kampung Langit offers the best experience for tourists to get to know Bali Island in a very memorable concept.

Visitors are expected to carefully choose the date and time of visit. Selasa : Closed. Senin – Minggu : 11.00 – 21.00 WITA.


  • Watch a musical short film about culture
  • Take pictures and enjoy the scenery
  • Take a photo with the background of the beach
  • Arrange offerings
  • Trying to pound rice, take pictures, gimmick, coregraphy, sift rice
  • Make herbal medicine and take pictures with herbal medicine sellers
  • Watch video mapping, take pictures with a long bicycle
  • Enjoy the scenery, take pictures with unique props, games to match the name of the replica food with the label
  • Playing wall climbing (Children), playing swings, klotok boat races, photos in tents
  • Arranging the heart, children visitors play slide, take pictures in front of the mural
  • Berofto as a puppeteer, watching a musical puppet show (duration 1 song)
  • Seeing murals and pancurendang, sounding angklung on the bridge and taking pictures
  • Try playing digital musical instruments, try playing traditional musical instruments and take pictures with musical instruments and mini musical performance
  • Making batik, weaving, watching silver making demo
  • Watch shows and parades around Edutainment Park
  • Balinese makeup and take pictures with traditional Balinese costumes
  • Make ceramics and play giant chess
  • Taking a picture with the cloud mascot in the house of Mr. Komang
  • Watch a swimming fish projection video (Virtual Pool)

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